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Sensei Linda Donner-Martial Arts Lake Zurich

Linda Donner

Owner, Director & Head Instructor

Sensei Linda Donner started her karate education in Hawaii at the age of 6 and continued her training in Florida at 18 years old where she went to college and achieved a Bachelor of Science Degree at UCF. Upon going back to Hawaii she attained her group fitness and personal training certification as well as attaining a massage therapist certification.

Currently, as a fitness coach and karate instructor she has been managing a large group fitness and karate program, along with her assistants, through the park district in Lake Zurich, Illinois for the past 18 years. As an athlete, she was a member of the United States National Karate Team. As such, she traveled internationally and has successfully represented the USA as an athlete for 15 plus years.

She competed under the auspices of the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States and has captured at least one National Championship title every year since 1992. Internationally, she won 4 World Championship titles and a Pan-American Title. When not competing, she serves as one of five USA National Team Coaches, officiate as an “A” class Senior Karate referee within the USA and serve as one of five members on the International and USA National referee council.

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Jo Mirza

Jo Mirza

Sensei Jo Mirza is the founder and chief instructor of Traditional Karate-Do Organization (TKO). Sensei Mirza is:

- 8th degree Black Belt
- AAU National Karate Chairman
- WUKF Vice President
- TKO Chief Instructor

Eric Lin

Eric Lin

Sensei Eric Lin studied Tai Chi through the Tai Chi Tao Center in Oak Park, Illinois beginning in the 1980s through Master Liao’s lineage.

In recent years, Eric studies Tai Chi Chuan, Push hand and Tai Chi sword through the Shi-Zhong Academy in Taipei, Taiwan; a school established by Hsu Yi-Zhong, one of Grand Master Cheng Man-Ching’s direct students.

Eric believes in improving health by gaining vital energy Qi through Tai Chi’s dynamic meditation approach in enhancing our immune system and by practice, relaxation and mindfulness.

Faith Mirza

Assistant Instructor Faith Mirza has been training and teaching Tai Chi with Eric Lin since 2017. Faith is a 3rd degree Black Belt in Karate and former member of the USA National Karate Team. Faith has taught in Lake Zurich for the past 30 years.

Gus Standiford

Gus Standiford

Assistant Instructor Gus Standiford has been with Nisei Dojo for around 15 years and has the rank of shodan-ho black belt. He is away for most of the year studying at Lawrence University, but when in town during winter and summer breaks he help with Sensei Donnor's classes and occasionally leads them when she's gone.

Amaya Sntder

Amaya Snyder

Assistant Instructor Amaya Snyder is 16 years old and has been doing karate since she was five years old. Amaya holds a black belt rank (Shodan-ho) and participates with the National Karate Team. Throughout the week Amaya trains and assists during class.

Omar Ocampo

Omar Ocampo

Omar is President, Founder and Chief Karate Instructor of Midwest Karate-Do Association. He holds the rank of San Dan in Shotokan Karate.

Ky Jacoby

Ky is a Shodan in Shotokan Karate. He holds a 5th Dan in Hapkido and a 5th Dan in Taekwondo.

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