Lake Zurich Katana Tag

Katana Tag Lake Zurich [Ages 4-Adults]

Katana Tag

Katana Tag Lake Zurich, where everyone participates in tag games that will include foam swords that are safe, fun and extremely cool! “Katana Tag” is like a video game that comes to life. Players will never experience a video game like this: all the action, all the challenges, all the fun. Participants are in the middle of it all learning decision making and what will be the consequence of the outcome. Children, teens, and adults will enjoy the competitive challenges of various tag games which includes: Capture the Flag, Tag the Emperor, Round-Robin, etc. No one sits on the bench, everyone plays. The swords and other equipment that are used in the tag games are soft, thickly padded, and flexible. The rules prohibit hitting hard, grabbing, touching the head, and any other un-sportsman like action. Instructor oversees the games to ensure that these rules are enforced.

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