Lake Zurich Tai Chi

Lake Zurich Tai Chi [Adults]

Tai Chi in Lake Zurich will help to improve health and develop a sense of well-being with this ancient system of moving meditation.  Regular practice stimulates the flow of energy and can be used to treat or prevent a wide range of illnesses.  Tai Chi is good for joint health and is a therapeutic art that uses gentle flowing movements to reduce stress by promoting internal health, balance, and agility.

  • Each Lake Zurich Tai Chi class begins with a 5-10 minute warm-up and Chi Flow Session where the instructor leads students in a series of stretching exercises and Chi-building single forms.
  • A short break is usually followed by 20 minutes of instruction that will include the repetition of individual form segments.
  • Class ends with 30 minutes of form practice, refinement or application, two-person practice, and/or seated meditation.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that enables you to move easily.

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Lake Zurich Tai Chi
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