Benefits of Tai Chi Training


Benefits of Tai Chi Training

To achieve balance, the following principles are employed:

  • Upright posture
  • Coordinated breathing
  • Weight shifting
  • Slow, fluid, rounded movements

The slow, smooth, and continuous movements of Tai Chi help to strengthen internal muscles that support and strengthen the spine. In addition to its physical benefits, this form of gentle resistance can calm the mind, helping to reduce falls resulting from sudden movements that lead to significant blood pressure drop, particularly in those who take medication that can cause variations in blood pressure.

Tai Chi practitioners are mindful of the importance of transferring weight with each step; this assists mobility, coordination, and balance and places emphasis on upright and supple posture to further strengthen muscles. That said; Tai Chi—which can best be described as a moving form of meditation—is extremely low-impact, placing minimal stress on joints and muscles.

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  1. Keep up the good work. I haven’t worked out for several years and finally decided to go back to the gym. My lack of motivation caused me to gain weight and not wanting to do anything. You have inspired me just by watching how much dedication you have to yourself and the way you help others. Thank you.

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