Tai Chi/Chi Gong Breathing Exercise



Much of the training in the internal martial arts in the early stages is simply going back to our childhood breathing so as to become aware of our Qi (internal energy) and from there learn to work with Qi to enhance our physical and mental health.

Try this exercise; each day for two or three weeks, give yourself a block of time – say ten minutes, just focusing on breathing into the lower dantien, either while seated, or even while walking where there are few distractions or obstacles.


While individual experiences will vary, generally there will be an increase in heat in the abdominal area, usually over weeks or months. Some authorities call the dantien ‘the furnace’. This raw heat transforms into Qi, which moves out into the rest of the body resulting in greater health and vitality, and improvement in any conditions resulting from blocked or stagnant Qi.


Another result from focusing your attention on the lower dantien and concentrating there is that you come down from always being “in your head”, that hot-house of preoccupation with thought, worry, anxiety, strategising, and the resulting feelings of pressure, hassle and hurry. Now you can settle down into the calm and stability of your centre.

—Dr. Jang Jwing-Ming

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