Faith Mirza


TKO Nisei Dojo traveled to Hawaii this November with an AAU team to compete in the All Hawaii Championships! Thank you to Coach Donner and O’Hara, Sensei Aaron and Ty from TKO Hawaii, and Head of Delegation Sensei Mirza.

Master Bob Conducts Tai Chi Class

Today Master Bob from the Oak Park Tai Chi Center led our Tai Chi practice.  It was an amazing experience!  We are very fortunate to have this very experienced Tai Chi teacher come to our class to lead our practice.  He deepens our understanding of Tai Chi Chuan each time he visits our dojo.

Attention to DETAIL in Kata

There is a saying “The devil is in the details” and this is especially true for Kata.  Attention to detail sets practitioners apart.  The best karate students focus on even the smallest details in Kata.  The average students often ignore them.  Which type of student are you?

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