Attention to DETAIL in Kata

There is a saying “The devil is in the details” and this is especially true for Kata.  Attention to detail sets practitioners apart.  The best karate students focus on even the smallest details in Kata.  The average students often ignore them.  Which type of student are you?

Karate Friends

When practicing karate it is very common to form fast and enduring friendships. It is part of the fun of learning karate.  A family is formed by dojo mates and Sensei that becomes a second home to many karate practitioners.

Throwback Karate

Throwback Thursday 1991 AAU/USA World Championships in Italy. With (among other)team members G. Kotaka, J. O’Hara, S. Robinson, D. Yanos, C. Yu-Robinson, E. Au, J. Sharrah, L. Donner, M. Cohen, B. Chinen and USA/AAU delegation Head J.B. Mirza.

Punch, Kick, Block

Daily practice of a basic technique like punching is the heart and soul of  karate.  You’ll do it as a white belt and you’ll do it as a black belt.  Perfect this one technique and everything in your karate training will fall naturally into place.  

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